My Journalism

I’ve been lucky enough to work on some amazing magazines and other projects. Here are a few highlights…

cover image of we need to talk a chicken talking to a fox
  • Magazines: I have been Features Director on Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Easy Living and that’s life! I have also freelanced for many major national magazines and websites.
  • Fiction: The Girl Who…, my debut novel for young adults, launched with Atom in January 2021 and my next novel is due out in January 2022. My short story, An Intervention, appears in We Need To Talk, a collection of stories in aid of The Eve Appeal.
  • Book reviews: I spent three years as Books Editor for Cosmopolitan, covering anything from health books to the latest hot literary read. I also been Acting Books Editor at Good Housekeeping. Now freelance, I write about books whenever I can.
  • Investigations: I love writing about social issues and hot topics. I’ve covered a wide range of topics including eating disorders on university campuses, the impact of debt, and surviving childhood trauma.
  • Real life: I cut my teeth on complex real life stories, and pride myself on being a sympathetic interviewer, able to focus on the heart of the story and write something that will make the readers laugh, cry or feel inspired.
  • Websites: While at Good Housekeeping I played a key role in designing and acted as launch Web Editor – the site went on to win a coveted Online Award within a year of its launch.
  • Publicity work: I spent several years helping the breast cancer charity Walk the Walk gain publicity and press coverage for their events, including the MoonWalks in London Edinburgh and Iceland.

Publications and organisations I have worked with include:

Good Housekeeping, The Guardian, Cosmopolitan, Reclaim, Grazia, Marie Claire, Prima, Walk the Walk, that’s life!, Real People, Sunday Express,, Venus Awards

photo of the pages of Reclaim magazine featuring an interview with embroidery artist Danielle Clough