THE TWELVE DAYS OF MURDER coming to a screen near you!

Here’s an exciting announcement from my publisher, Zaffre!

cover of the twelve days of murder on a green background with the brock media logo

Zaffre, the flagship fiction imprint of Bonnier Books UK, today announces that Andreina Cordani’s first adult novel The Twelve Days of Murder has been optioned for TV by BBC-Studios-backed production company Brock Media. The deal was facilitated by Marc Simonsson of SoloSon Media.

Brock Media, who produced the screen adaptations of Emma Jane Unsworth’s Animals and Amy Liptrot’s The Outrun will work with Phoebe Eclair-Powell (Two Weeks To Live, The Road Trip) to adapt the novel for television.

To date, publishing rights have sold to the United States (Pegasus & Dreamscape), Italy (Newton Compton), Spain (Newton Compton) and are also under offer in Hungary.

The Twelve Days of Murder is a contemporary Christmas whodunnit centred around The Masquerade Murder Society which is filled with clever twists and turns to keep characters and viewers guessing.

Andreina Cordani said: ‘This has to be the best early Christmas present ever – I’m so thrilled that my ghastly set of characters could be coming to the TV screen. I hope it will make excellent dark and festive viewing.’

Sarah Brocklehurst, founder of Brock Media, said: “We are thrilled to be developing The Twelve Days of Murder for television. Andreina Cordani has written an incredibly entertaining and well-plotted murder mystery full of twists, suspense and glorious characters. It’s deliciously bingeable and will be perfect for mainstream festive season viewing.”

Stella Giatrakou, Adult Rights Director at Bonnier Books UK said: “We’re hugely excited to be selling rights to this festive locked-room murder mystery for the

millennial age! Nothing more exciting than secrets, backstabbing and a Christmassy background to hook readers – publishers abroad were dead keen to read…”

Kelly Smith, Senior Editor, Zaffre, said: ‘‘Andreina’s delightfully deadly festive tale will be perfect winter viewing. I cannot wait to see her murderous masquerade come to life!’

Fancy some festive Crime and Wine?

Green graphic containing images of all four writers and their books saying that the event is on Thursday 9th November at 7.30pm.

I’m really looking forward to my evening chatting crime and sipping wine at Oxford Waterstones with fellow festive whodunnit authors SJI Holliday, author of The Party Season Alexandra Benedict author of The Christmas Jigsaw Murders and Janice Hallett, author of The Christmas Appeal. I’m a big fan of all three authors and can’t wait to hear their insights on all all things dark, stabby and festive. It’s also a lovely bookshop! If you’re in the Oxford area on 9th November do drop by. Tickets can be found here and cost £3-£5.

Bid for signed books to raise money for Children in Need

image of andreina cordani, the covers of the girl who and dead lucky plus the BBC children in need pudsey bear logo.

I’m taking part in this year’s Children In Read charity auction, offering signed copies of The Girl Who… and Dead Lucky to the highest bidder. Every year, the auction raises thousands of pounds for Children in Need. Already got my two YA books? Of course you have! You can also bid on signed books from bestsellers including Milly Johnson, Paige Toon, Frances Quinn, Lisa Jewell and more! Follow this link to find out more…


andreina cordani posing with a uk copy of the twelve days of murder

Let the merry murderous mayhem unleash! Writing this book nearly melted my brain and now at last I can share the brain-meltiness. If you like:

🔒Locked door mysteries
🌨️ snowy, remote locations
🎭Ghastly love-to-hate characters
🎅💀Grisly festive-themed deaths
🍬Quality Street

Then this is definitely the book for you!


US cover image of the twelve days of murder by andreina cordani pictures a remote house in the middle of a snowstorm.

I’m utterly thrilled to announce that my Christmas whodunnit The Twelve Days of Murder is going to be published in the USA by Pegasus Books. I’ve never had a book come out on the other side of the pond before so I’m understandably very excited. They’ve gone a different direction with the cover but I really like it. The UK cover says festive, fun and entertaining, the US cover says it’s a dark, brooding read to curl up with on winter nights – and it’s ALL those things! If you’re Stateside and you love a twisty locked-room murder mystery in remote Scottish houses with a cast of eccentric characters then this is the one for you. It’s basically Knives Out but with tinsel.


UK cover image of the twelve days of murder including festive baubles and blood spatter

I’m so excited to reveal the top secret project that’s been taking over my life for the last year. My next novel is a whodunnit aimed at adults, called THE TWELVE DAYS OF MURDER and it will be published by Zaffre on 26th October this year!. It involves a twelve-year-old locked-room mystery, a remote location, a selection of quite awful people and a killer on the loose who murders people in grisly but oddly festive ways. It also reveals what your favourite type of Quality Street says about you. It was loads of fun to write and if you’re a fan of whodunnits and murder mysteries I do hope you’ll add it to your Christmas TBR.

Useful links to books & book chat

Would you like to pre-order Dead Lucky? If you fancy a signed copy, pre-order from the amazing Rocketship bookshop in Salisbury…

Would you like to order The Girl Who…?

Looking for writing chat and tips?

One of the most fun things about being a debut author is that I finally got a chance to swap writing tips with other authors and share some of my own. I feel a lot less alone now than I did when I was working away on The Girl Who… in my basement, wondering if it would ever amount to anything… or if I’d ever even finish it. There’s some really strong advice in these chats from smart, talented kid-lit and young adult writers. So if you’re looking for writing tips or general writing advice, it’s worth taking a look…

Here’s my chat with Emily Barr on the Atom Books Instagram channel we talk about capturing the teen voice, why we pick the themes we do, why Emily made the switch from writing adult fiction to YA and how to pitch to an agent.

This is me on super-spooky Amy McCaw’s BookTube channel we talk about how to create characters with depth and tricky second books (how you take 10 years to write your first then have to crank the second one out in a year flat, while still learning how to be a better writer. There’s also some good book recommendations in there.

Here’s my Book Chain chat with Sarah Ann Juckes we talk about writing from unusual perspectives – her main character is bed-bound with a chronic debilitating illness. And how to create a satisfying ending without making it super-neat and sugar-sweet.

Here’s my Book Chain chat with Dave Cousins we talk about the idea for The Girl Who… why I wrote the book with three different perspectives and I go off on one about opening a dialogue between Gen Z and Gen X.

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My first YA thriller, The Girl Who…

People can’t bring themselves to say what happened to her. They just describe her as ‘the girl who… you know…’. But nobody really knows, no one sees the real Leah.

Leah is the perfect survivor. She was seven years old when she saw her mother and sister killed by a troubled gang member. Her case hit the headlines and her bravery made her a national sweetheart: strong, courageous and forgiving.

cover image of the girl who book two crossed blue shoelaces and ominous blurred type

But Leah is hiding a secret about their deaths. And now, ten years later, all she can think of is revenge.

When Leah’s dad meets a new partner, stepsister Ellie moves in. Sensing Leah isn’t quite the sweet girl she pretends to be, Ellie discovers that Leah has a plan, one she has been putting together ever since that fateful day. Now that the killer – and the only one who knows the truth – is being released from prison, time is running out for Ellie to discover how far Leah will go to silence her anger . . .

The Girl Who… a YA thriller published by Atom

“One of those books I spent all day thinking about”


“Whether you’re a teen or not, it’s brilliant”


“A twisted, suspenseful thriller”


Want to know more about Ellie and Leah, my characters in The Girl Who…?

About Andreina Cordani

image of andreina cordani leaning back over a chair

I wanted to be a writer from the age of seven, but got a little bit distracted by the world of magazines. Over the years I’ve written for titles including CosmopolitanGraziaGood HousekeepingPrimathat’s life! and Marie Claire. I specialise in real life interviews, talking to seemingly ordinary people about their extraordinary lives, and these chats inspired me to put myself in other people’s shoes and imagine how different life can be. I write young adult thrillers about people in impossible emotional situations, with a little bit of murder thrown in. My dream is to sit and write books all day then sit and read books all night, but I also love procrastinating on social media, being sarcastic and swimming in the sea.

Cover reveal for Dead Lucky – my next book!

Here it is – the cover for my next book, Dead Lucky and I love it so much! The idea first came to me almost two years ago, when there were lots of debates about dangerous copycat stunts on video streaming sites and I thought… what if a famous YouTuber was murdered on their channel? I mentioned it offhandedly to my agent and she got chills – so I immediately started working. And this is the result – my twisted lockdown-born baby. Dead Lucky has a few elements of horror, with a masked figure threatening my poor hapless content creators. It’s mainly a thriller with my “professional airhead” Maxine racing to uncover the truth while retaining her tenuous grip on reality. And it’s funny in places too – honest!

It’s always a bit nerve-wracking waiting for your cover design – visual arts isn’t my strong point as you can see by this picture on the right, which was my own terrible attempt at sketching out a concept! But like a lot of art-ignoramuses I do know what I like, and I absolutely love what the designer Mark Swan has done. Making the cover bright AND creepy must have been a challenge, but he’s pulled it off. I love the colours, the fractured image and the placement of the title. Now all we have to do is launch the thing!

And here’s the official Dead Lucky blurb, if you want to know more….

They are the influencers, the lucky ones. Gifted, gilded people who have everything – fame, respect, adulation, more freebies than they can ever unbox. Their lives, loves and feuds are shared with millions of fans on the streaming platform PlayMii, and they are living the dream.

But it’s broken Ed’s heart.

It’s crushing Maxine.

It’s destroying Leni’s friendships.

And it’s gone to Xav’s head.

Then, a masked figure walks into Xav’s apartment and murders him on camera.

As the world reels with shock, Maxine discovers Xav was sitting on a file of secrets about his fellow creators – career-destroying secrets that they’d do anything to keep hidden. And if she doesn’t find the file, she could be next . . .

Want to pre-order? Please do!

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